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Our guesthouse is suitable for 5 persons catering, air-conditioned living room, well equipped kitchen, comfortable dining room, terrace with wonderful panorama, on the other side of the guest house is a wooden dining set, plunge pool, panoramic view of St. George Mountain, which provides relaxed conditions for those who wants to relax.

The countryside behind the northern shore of Lake Balaton is the Balaton Highlands, which is arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Hungary. Its characteristic features are the idyllic idyll of the past, the vineyards, the rolling hills, the cozy little villages. Thanks to its unique climate, leander and figs are alive if natural beauty is not enough. We could list it for sunny days, why it is such a lovable country, but it is unnecessary, because whoever goes to this one is familiar with it. And the majority feels that you have to return here anyway. Our quiet, quiet village, Kisapáti, is situated 2 km from the famous Basalt organ of St. George Hill, 6 km from Badacsony. There are five larger mountains: the hills of St. George, Szigliget, Csobánc, Gulácsi, the hill of Badacsony, a magnificent panorama of our eyes. You can see these wonderful mountains from the terrace of the house, with a panoramic view of the mountains. Lake Balaton Beach in Szigliget 15 minutes, with a hiking trail, boating in the Tapolca Lake Cave, evening walk around the mill, conquering Csobánc, easy hiking to St. George’s Hill, many opportunities for activities, endless peace in the area you can offer.